Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Calgary Canada!

Called to serve in the Calgary Canada mission, leaving April 24th 2013. Preparing to preach the gospel in the Spanish language.

I have never felt so blessed. The Lord has been so kind to me. All of his tender mercies I find shed upon me. 1) I'm serving somewhere cool, no more physical trials like China gave me. very different ones, and I look forward to them. 2) Im leaving in April, good glory the Lord knows how much I wanted to leave before May or June. 3) I am speaking Spanish. Heaven only knows how much I long to speak this language. I told my mom when I was in China, "mom, I do not care where I serve, but I want you to know that my heart lies with the Spanish Language." The Lord hears our prayers, and He wants us to be happy. I know that for a fact, and every day I get, I realize the truthfulness in those words. 

I can not express how much I look forward to Serving the people, members and not, in Calgary. I'm going where I am needed most. Family and friends will live to see another day while I am out embarking on this journey. The hard times are just beginning as I prepare to say goodbye to my best friend who leaves in only a few short weeks. I'll miss him terribly, but I also, will live to see another day. I truly believe the words I said to my cousin, "this is such a joyous work we are doing, such a joyous work." so even though my heart shall throb, and surly break a time or two, I have a testimony of this work that we as sisters and brothers are doing. So to all of you who are serving our brothers and sisters, but most importantly, our Lord, here's to you. And may the Lord be ever in your sights.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

missing china

Today I got the most unexpected, yet most pleasant surprise since coming home from china. My two roomies came and visited me at work! I haven't seen them nor anyone else from china since coming home. As I hugged them I felt my china memories rushing back to me and suddenly it was real all over again. Lately China has seemed so far and distant and quite honestly, I have felt like it didn't even happen. Today changed all of that. I have thought about China all day long, and the people I met there, as well as the experiences had. There is a lot about China that I don't miss, but there is so much that I do miss. my babies for example. Suddenly this crushing despair of not ever seeing them again hit me once more. I think that I have shoved these feelings down for a while now, and now here they are, biting me in the butt. And hard. I miss my babies. All 48 of them. I have never loved any one like I have grown to love these kids. They brightened my day, nearly every day. Another really hard thing is that they probably don't even remember "teacha Aliiissa" any more. I'm missing it. Missing them.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

There goes china.

I'm writing this as I sit in the Korea airport. It is really weird. I feel weird saying good bye to china and all the people, places and experiences there. But I am ready for the next chapter of my life. Which involves many dates with a very special boy of mine, working my hind end off, and starting the misson papers! I wish that I could tell you how excited I am for that last one, but words simply escape me. I have been waiting for it for the last 3-4 years.  And suddenly, here it is. Thanks to the mission age change that left me in tears.  The lord knows what he is doing. Trust in him I have learned to do just that, and it is leading me to happiness that I never knew existed. So yes, china is done, but now it is on to bigger and better things. And don't think for a second I just won't talk about it! I'm simply rushed right now. Later I will share stories and pictures. And it is going to be such great fun. But for know, just know this. It has been the greatest desision of my life this far.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


For reals? I didn't know the kid had it in him!

When i told someone about the prank Kevo got me back with, they asked me if i was mad. my response was quick and 100% honest, "No way!!! i applaud him!!!" the whole time i was cleaning my car, i would start randomly laughing at how surreal it felt knowing this gentle soul i have come to know so well could prank me so heartlessly. i find i like seeing this side of him just as much as his kind side.

What now Kevo? 
... you shouldn't have asked... 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

sooo comical.

your newest prankster here

i have always been a fan of of the practical prank, yet never have i pulled one, until now. i never would have considered myself a good prankster, or even an amateur one. lately i have found a different side of myself i didn't know i had. i still wouldn't call myself a "good" one, but i consider myself a more experienced one.
the prank that started this was when my coworker and i stole another coworkers most prized possession.... his...

hey, i told you that i don't considered myself a good prankster. so yes, this is where my pranking career begins. with a stolen ducky. then we moved on to bigger things. so we syrian wrapped his car, wrote on the windows, and put petroleum jelly and chunky peanut butter under his door handles, in the middle of the night. 

we were surprised when his dad came running out the front door yelling "get away from my car!!" resulting in me begging him for mercy (good thing we are pretty good friends he and i) and assuring him this was a harmless prank we were pulling on his son. he let us continue. but we were so scared out of our whits we went around the car once or twice more then called it good and B-lined home. i felt immense guilt at having done this the entire next day. (still not having the experience of a "good" prankster) then he acted like nothing happened. denied it even. too bad his ducky was in this windshield so we knew we had the right car. that prank was more on us than him though... did me in for a life time. until.... 
my beautiful friend Cristal had a genius idea.... 
list his car on KSL for cheap cheap cheap. so last night, we did just that. 
the only guilt that i have is for those people who are looking at it and thinking that they have themselves a great find. in the last 12 hours it has been viewed nearly 1300 times. i can only imagine how many phone calls he's gotten. actually, i don't have to imagine too much. he changed his voice mail telling people it is a prank and to call this number (my number) to get it removed. those phone calls woke me up this morning. i'm having a good laugh about it. i'm proud of him. i would have done the exact same thing. ill take it down. today. later. this is just so comical. i know he has something big planned for us, and i am just waiting to see what that is.... if but a bit nervously. 
see mom and dad? this is what happens when you both leave and there is no parental supervision. the child within me comes out and gets the better of me. even though i've had all these adventures while you were gone, i can't wait to see you guys!! i miss my big boy!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

an ACE's night out

Kevin was suuuper precise about his fire
Shawn and Kevo. We like them. 

i was serious about him being OCD about this. 

And Michael loooved taunting him. 

Clari got a wopping 8! 
Cristal got 13! 

                           Kevo took gold with 15!! Shawn looks impressed. but lets be honest, we all were.                                     
and i had 4. 
the others stuffed them all, so Shawn only had 3.

Shawn. we missed you way too much these last few weeks. we're never letting you leave again. you are too funny. 
us cashiers. 
Cristal liked the watermelon. 
One heck of a night to remember.